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Acute Traumatic Work Injury

Acute Traumatic Work Injury: Dallas Hand Surgeons Review

 Dallas Plastic and Hand Surgeons Dr. David and Solomon Azouz review acute work injuries:
symptoms, surgical, non-surgical treatment, cost, insurance, and recovery.

Dallas Hand Surgeons Dr. David and Solomon Azouz treat a variety of work injuries which are both acute traumatic injuries and elective non-acute injuries. In cases of acute injuries such as tendon laceration (flexor or extensor), Nail bed injury, hand and finger fractures Dr. Azouz is often able to arrange same-day or next-day care at a variety of hospitals and emergency rooms. Dr. Azouz can also care for acute facial trauma injuries such as lacerations and fractures to the face, body, nose and ears. Often a “no wait” emergency visit can be arranged to minimize the time from injury to surgery. Dr. Azouz has privileges in hospitals and Emergency rooms throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex including: Dallas, Plano, Addison, Fort Worth, Richardson and Farmers Branch.

For non-urgent work injuries, Dr. Azouz is able to work with referring physicians, employers, insurance companies and patients to arrange pre-authorization to diagnose and treat work injuries.

What are common acute work injuries?

Common acute work injuries include:
Hand or face cuts (lacerations), hand or finger fractures, cut tendons, cut arteries, cut nerves, puncture injuries and nail bed lacerations.

Symptoms of nerve laceration include:
Numbness in the hand or finger. Sharp pains with “electric shock” sensation or feeling of “pins and needles”.

Symptoms of arterial laceration include:
Poor perfusion of the hand or finger. Finger or hand feeling cold. Finger or hands appearing blue and dusky.

Symptoms of tendon injury include:
Inability to flex (flexor tendon laceration) or extend (extensor tendon laceration) the thumb, finger or wrist.

Symptoms of a nail bed laceration include:
Bruising under the nail (subungual hematoma), a nail that has been lifted off or bone visible where nail has been lost or crushed.

Symptoms of a hand fracture include:
Bruising, swelling and pain the fingers, hand and/or wrist.

Work Injury

Surgery for a work injury can be arranged at a variety of hospitals throughout the Dallas Fort Worth and Plano area. Dr. Azouz is able to care for many hand surgery patients in the emergency room when the operating room is not necessary. Operating room surgery can be arranged on an emergency basis with a limited wait for patients necessitating an emergency operating room surgery.

Work Injury Recovery

It is critical for patients with hand injuries from work to follow up at post-operative appointments. In the post-operative appointment, Dr. Azouz will arrange hand therapy as necessary. Dr. Azouz will guide return to work and his office arranges paperwork for the patient’s company or employer.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of an at work injury?

The Texas Workers compensation board provides guidelines for insurance companies to provide care to injured workers. Dr. Azouz’s office works closely with adjusters, insurance companies and patients to arrange visits and surgery for work injuries. With workers compensation in Texas the patient is not responsible for bills related to a work injury. Dr. Azouz is able to coordinate with companies who are texas workers compensation insurance nonsubscribers or those who wish to provide care to their patients with non-insurance out of pocket pricing.

What kind of work injuries are non emergency?

Dr. Azouz also cares for common non emergent work injuries such as repetitive motion injury causing carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, de quervain’s tenosynivits, biceps rupture, cubital tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.

Where does Dr. Azouz operate?

Dr. Azouz has privileges many hospitals and ERs throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area including: Richardson, Plano, Flower Mound, Addison. Patients frequently travel to see Dr. Azouz from Irving, Mesquite and Grand Prairie. It is not uncommon for patients to even travel from across Texas including East Texas (Kaufman, Fairfield), West Texas (Midland, Odessa) and central Texas (Waxahachie, Hilsboro) to see Dr. Azouz.

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