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Finger Dislocation

Finger Dislocation Surgery: Dallas Hand Surgeons Dr. David and Solomon Azouz offer an effective treatment for finger dislocation 

What is a finger dislocation? 

Finger dislocation surgery repairs some finger dislocations. This can happen when a finger’s bone has moved away from its normal position. Finger dislocations can be caused by jamming or overextending the finger during a fall, sports, or as a result of a work injury.

What are symptoms of a finger dislocation?


-Difficulty moving the finger

-Deformed or crooked appearance of the finger

-Scissoring or crossing of the fingers

-Swelling, bruising, numbness or tingling

-In some cases, a break in the skin

Who needs realignment or surgery for a finger dislocation?

Patients will require x-ray imaging to determine the positioning of the bones after a finger dislocation.  If the patient has a displaced fracture, they will benefit from both repositionings of the bones and placement of plates, screws, or pins to put the bone back in place.  Some patients will need surgery and pinning of the finger to hold the finger in place even if there isn’t a fracture.

What are the benefits of fc?

The benefit of a finger dislocation surgery is that it will correct the deformity of the finger and allow for improved hand functioning. It will also help alleviate pain and swelling.

What type of anesthesia is used for a finger dislocation?

Dr. Azouz utilizes a variety of anesthesia methods to perform finger dislocation surgery.  Patients will usually have their arm put to sleep and will receive sedative medication to both relax them and put them to sleep.  

How is finger dislocation surgery performed?

Dallas hand surgeon Dr. Azouz will realign the position of the dislocated bone. If there is an open dislocation, he will perform a surgical washout and repair any injured ligaments or associated fractures.

What is the recovery from a finger dislocation?

After hand surgery Dr. Azouz will routinely place a customized splint over the finger and hand.   Patients are seen again shortly after surgery and instructions are then given in the office once the dressings are removed by Dr. Azouz.  Patients keep their dressing dry and intact until follow up in the office.  Dr. Azouz will instruct the patients on pin care and splinting as necessary.  Hand therapy is recommended to help regain full function of the hand as necessary.

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Finger Dislocation Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of finger dislocation surgery?

The cost of finger dislocation surgery can widely vary. Dr. Azouz will determine the complexity of surgery through a medical history and physical examination. Many insurance companies consider finger dislocation surgery medically necessary but the cost of surgery is also heavily dependent on the deductible and coverage policy. If it is caused by an injury at work, most workers’ compensation carriers can cover the cost of surgery. 

Can normal function be restored after a finger dislocation?

After the procedure, patients will usually regain normal movement of their fingers. It will also improve any pain, swelling, numbness, or bruising associated with the dislocation injury as the hand and fingers heal. 

What are the non-surgical treatment options for a finger dislocation?

Some dislocations will require a manipulation to re-align the bones. If the finger can be held in a proper position with splinting then surgery may not be necessary.  If a finger dislocation is left untreated, the affected joint can further be damaged, increasing the risk of arthritis.  An untreated finger dislocation can also lead to poor hand function.  

What are the risks of finger dislocation surgery?

If a patient has an “open dislocation” there is an increased risk of infection. For these injuries, Dr. Azouz will wash out the joint along with re-aligning the bone and repairing any fractures.  Antibiotics are given in order to lessen the chance of infection.  

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