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Foreign Body

Foreign Body Removal: Dallas Hand Surgeons Dr. David and Solomon Azouz Review Foreign Bodies

Dallas Plastic and Hand Surgeon Dr. David and Solomon Azouz explain foreign body surgical procedure:
symptoms, surgical treatment, cost, insurance, and recovery.

What is a Foreign Body?

Foreign Body Removal Surgery extracts a foreign body, which is an object that has protruded through the body’s surface and is deeply embedded. The objects usually puncture through the skin because of an explosion, as the result of machinery, or trauma. These injuries are commonly seen with splinters, fishhooks, glass, pencil lead, metal machinery, nails, needles, and plants.

When is a foreign body removal surgery needed?

If a foreign body is penetrated deep into the skin, surgery is recommended to remove it safely. This minimizes the damage to internal structures. Dr. Azouz will review x-ray images to check the alignment of the bones and visualize the foreign body. 

What are the benefits of a foreign body removal surgery?

In most cases, there is a higher risk of infection, so early treatment is key. With surgery, Dr. Azouz will remove the foreign body and also repair any internal injury. 

What is the anesthesia for foreign body removal surgery?

Patients are sedated in a deep sleep. Dr. Azouz will then numb the area that the foreign body is affecting, which helps to control pain.  For foreign bodies in other parts of the body, Dr. Azouz is able to use specialized blocks and sedation as well.  This includes foreign bodies of the chest, face, nose, and legs.

What are the symptoms of a foreign body?


Bleeding if there is a deep cut


Numbness or tingling





How is a foreign body removal surgery performed?

Dr. Azouz will remove the foreign body and repair nearby structures, including nerves, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and nail beds, as needed. He can also perform a washout, which will prevent infection.  Often foreign bodies will need to be removed with fluoroscopy, which is a specialized X-Ray machine used in the operating room.

What kind of surgeon removes an embedded foreign body?

As a plastic surgeon and hand surgeon, Dr. Azouz can remove embedded foreign bodies throughout the face, neck, breasts, body, hands, and legs.

What is the cost of a foreign body removal surgery?

The cost of surgery has many contributing factors. Dr. Azouz will start with a medical history and physical examination. If a foreign body injury occurs at work, workers’ compensation carriers cover medical costs relating to the injury. 

What is the recovery from a foreign body removal surgery?

Dr. Azouz will place a splint after the surgery, which can last a few weeks. He will see patients in his office soon after the procedure to ensure that everything is healing well. Therapy may be recommended to help regain strength and movement. Dr. Azouz will prescribe medications for pain and discomfort. 

Does Worker’s Compensation insurance cover the removal of a foreign body from an at-work injury?

Yes, generally, at work, injuries are covered by the worker’s compensation carrier.

Foreign Body Frequently Asked Questions

Do bullets need to be removed?

Bullets do not necessarily need to be removed, however, they can often cause functional impairment or infection.

Do splinters need to be removed?

Splinters should be remove to prevent pain, dysfunction and infection.

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