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Wrist Tumor

Wrist tumor: Dallas Hand Surgeons Dr. David and Solomon Azouz perform tumor removal surgery

Dallas Plastic and Hand Surgeon Dr. David and Solomon Azouz review Wrist Tumors: symptoms, surgical, non-surgical treatment, cost, insurance, and recovery.

What is a wrist tumor?

Wrist tumor is an abnormal growth and do not always indicate cancer. Most wrist tumors are benign and occur under the skin, in the bone, or even on the skin.

What are the types of wrist tumors?

The most common type of wrist tumor is a ganglion cyst, which is usually located at the wrist joint and appears as a fluid-filled cyst. Giant cell tendon sheath tumors are usually benign and are characterized by a solid bump. It can occur at the tendon sheath, which is a layer of tissue that surrounds the tendon for support. An epidermal inclusion cyst can form after a puncture or cut of the skin in the wrist. Bone tumors can include osteoma, chondromyxoid fibroma, enchondroma, and chondroblastoma, which affect bone growth and health.

When does a wrist tumor require surgery?

When the tumor starts to affect movement and strength, surgical removal is the best treatment. Dr. Azouz will review x-ray images to check bone alignment and assess the location of the tumor. 

What are the benefits of wrist tumors removal?

Once a wrist tumor is removed, patients regain strength and range of motion in their wrists. They are able to perform daily activities without limitations. After the procedure, the tumor can be sent to a pathologist to confirm whether it is benign. 


What are the symptoms of a wrist tumor?


Abnormal growth at the wrist


Decreased movement of the wrist


Numbness or tingling

How is a wrist tumor removal surgery performed?

Dr. Azouz will make an incision and excise the tumor. He will also remove the point of attachment to prevent reoccurrence. The tumor is then sent to pathology to analyze whether additional treatment is required.

What is the anesthesia for wrist tumors removal surgery?

Patients are sedated to help them calm down. Dr. Azouz will use an axillary block which numbs the arm and helps with prolonged pain control between 8-24 hours after the procedure. 




Dr. David Azouz and Dr. Solomon Azouz Treat Wrist Tumors

What is the recovery from wrist tumors removal surgery?

Dr. Azouz will place a splint after the procedure to allow the wrist to heal well. He sees patients for routine follow-up visits in his office to check their progression. Therapy may be recommended to regain full strength and movement.

What is the cost of a wrist tumor removal surgery?

 Surgical costs have many contributing factors and a wide range. Dr. Azouz will start with a medical history and physical exam to plan costs. 

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Where does Dr. Azouz operate?

Dr. Azouz has privileges at a variety of hospitals and emergency rooms throughout the DFW metroplex including Dallas, Fort Worth, Richardson, Plano, Flower Mound, Addison. Patients frequently travel to see Dr. Azouz from Frisco, Allen, Mckinney, Arlington and Rockwall. It is not uncommon for patients to even travel from across Texas including East Texas (Tyler, Longview), West Texas (Midland, Odessa) and central Texas (Waco, Austin) to see Dr. Azouz.

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