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Cut Wrist

Cut Wrist Treatment: Dallas Plastic and Hand Surgeons Dr. David and Solomon offer treatment for a Cut Wrist.

Dallas Plastic and Hand Surgeon Dr. David and Solomon Azouz review Cut Wrist Treatment:
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What is a cut wrist?

A cut or laceration in the wrist is usually a result of an injury or trauma from a knife, saws, machinery, falls, and garden equipment. A tear in the skin can appear minor; however, a deep cut can involve tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and other nearby structures that all allow for normal wrist function.  In general, cuts on the palm side of the wrist are considered more serious; however, cuts on the non-palm side of the wrist can also involve cuts to the important tendons that extend the fingers and nerves that give the hand sensation.

Who needs repair of a laceration in the wrist?

For minor wrist cuts, a simple repair with sutures can heal the skin. However, if the cut is deep or bleeding is uncontrolled, surgery is required to repair the tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and other important structures. Dr. Azouz will review x-ray images to check the alignment of the bones and rule out any fractures



What are the symptoms of a cut wrist?

A tear or break in the skin at the wrist



Numbness or tingling in the hand or fingers


Decreased movement of the wrist or fingers

How do you repair a severely injured wrist?

Dr. Azouz will assess the injury and repair the deeper structures first, including tendons, nerves, ligaments, blood vessels, and muscles. He will then repair the skin.   If fractures are associated with a cut wrist, then they can often be repaired at the same time as the other cut structures in the wrist.  

What is the anesthesia for a cut wrist?

For the majority of hand surgeries, Dr. Azouz will use sedation and local anesthesia. His patients are given sedating medication to help them relax. He will then inject a numbing medication in the armpit for prolonged pain control which can last up to 24 hours after the procedure.

What are the benefits of the repair of a wrist cut?

A repair of a wrist cut benefits not only the superficial skin but also the internal structures that allow for wrist strength and movement. Surgery is often critical to helping regain full function, sensation, and blood supply of the wrist. 

Techniques Dr. Azouz uses to minimize complications for surgery with an injured wrist include:

Possible Risks

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Poor scarring
  • Tendon rupture

Dr. Azouz Minimizes Risk By:

  • Splinting
  • Coordination with hand therapy
  • Meticulous surgical technique

Why is it so important to see a Hand Surgeon for a cut wrist?

A cut to the wrist can involve multiple structures that are critical for the function of the hand.  Choosing the right-hand specialist in a timely manner can be very important in restoring the best function possible to the hand.  Dr. Solomon and Dr. David Azouz are two Dallas-based hand surgeons that work together to restore damaged wrists.  Whether the injury occurred at home or at work it is important to see a hand specialist near you as soon as possible.

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Cut Hand Wrist Frequently Asked Questions

What are the results of a surgery after repairing deep cuts of the wrist?

After a repair of an injured wrist, patients can regain the strength and function of their wrist. Dr. Azouz uses plastic surgery techniques to minimize scarring and ensure proper healing. 

What other procedures can be combined at the time a cut wrist is repaired?

A repair of a cut wrist can be combined with fracture repair surgery or laceration repairs if there are multiple traumatic injuries.

What is the cost of surgery for a cut wrist?

The cost of surgery differs considerably and has many contributing factors. Dr. Azouz will obtain a medical history and perform a physical exam to help determine the cost. If the wrist cut is from a work-related injury, workers’ compensation carriers should cover the surgical cost.

What is the recovery from a cut wrist that needed surgery?

After the procedure, Dr. Azouz will apply a splint to allow the internal structures to heal well. With routine follow-up visits, Dr. Azouz can monitor progress and healing. Hand therapy may be recommended to help with strength and range of motion.

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