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Cut Hand Tendon

Cut Hand Tendon: Dallas Plastic and Hand Surgeons Dr. David and Solomon Azouz explain the tendon repair procedure

Dallas Plastic and Hand Surgeon Dr. David and Solomon Azouz review Cut Hand Tendon:
symptoms, surgical, non-surgical treatment, cost, insurance, and recovery.

Can a deep cut on the finger or hand cause tendon damage?

Cut hand tendon repair might be needed when a person has a deep cut to the finger or hand and/or a crush or pulling injury that causes severe damage.  On the palm side of the hand these are referred to as flexor tendon lacerations (cuts).  On the non-palm side of the hand (dorsum), these are called extensor tendon lacerations (cuts).

How do patients usually cut their hand or finger tendons?

There are numerous ways for patients to cut the tendons of their hands and fingers. Cut tendons of the hands and fingers can happen at home while cutting vegetables or meats or while working on home renovations. Tendon lacerations (cuts) can also happen at work. Drs. Azouz sees workers’ compensation patients who have cut their hand or finger while at work. Sometimes the cuts are from machinery or sharp blades.

What are the different types of cut tendons?

A tendon can be cut on the palm side or non-palm side of the fingers or hand.  These are referred to as extensor and flexor tendons.  The extensor and flexor tendons are important in flexing and extending (opening and closing) the fingers and connecting the muscles of the forearm to the fingers and hand.   The locations of a cut tendon will determine what type of repair is needed and where it is needed.  Different areas of the hand also will determine if a nerve or arterial repair is needed.  Tendons can also be cut in the wrist and will also affect the ability to flex or extend the wrist or fingers if damaged.  



When would you need to see a hand surgeon for a cut hand or finger tendon?

Dr. Azouz recommends a consultation for a cut to the hand or finger if it is deeper than a paper cut and/or does not stop bleeding. It is important to consult a hand specialist like Drs. Azouz to determine the severity and treatment required for the cut to the finger or hand.

What are the symptoms of a cut hand or finger tendon?

Loss of function




Why should you have a cut hand or finger tendon repaired?

It is important to have a cut tendon repair to regain the function of the hand or the finger. 

If the tendon is fully cut then Drs. Azouz will reattach the tendon which will improve the range of motion and function. If the fully cut tendon is not repaired the patient will not be able to flex or extend the hand or finger. The patient can also develop other chronic issues such as pain, poor hand function, and deformity.

If the tendon is partially cut, Drs. Azouz will repair the partially cut tendon. If the partially cut tendon is not surgically repaired the patient is at high risk for tendon rupture. This means that the partially cut tendon is not as strong and can become fully cut (ruptured) after the injury.  

Tendons that have a very minor cut may not need to be repaired.  These minor cuts are sometimes referred to as tendon “nicks”.

How is a cut hand or finger tendon repaired in the hand or finger?

Drs. Azouz uses a special type of suture and technique to repair cut tendons in the hand and fingers.


Risk of Carpal tunnel release and techniques Dr. Azouz utilizes to minimize complication include:

Possible Risks

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Poor scarring
  • Need for further operations
  • Tendon rupture

Dr. Azouz Minimizes Risk By:

  • Splinting
  • Coordination with hand therapy
  • Meticulous surgical technique

Can the hand function recover normally after a tendon is cut in the finger or hand?

Repairing tendons within the hand or fingers allows for the return of normal or near normal hand function.  Repairing the tendons in the hand prevents the tendons from retracting.  Retracted tendons (tendons that pull back) can cause poor function in the hand and can cause other fingers to also have improper function.  

Cut Hand Tendon Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Anesthesia is used for a cut hand or finger tendon? Are you put to sleep for a cut tendon repair?

The anesthesia that Drs. Azouz, usually used to cut tendons of the hands and fingers, is a combination of axillary block, local anesthetic, and sedative medication. The axillary block continues to give the patient pain relief for 8-24 hours after initial injection. 

The sedation anesthetic is used to help relax the patient while they continue to breath on their own. Many patients do fall asleep during their procedure.

Can a tendon be repaired at the same time as other injuries?

Yes, tendons are generally repaired at the same time as hand fractures, cut nerves, skin cuts, or cut arteries.  Dr. Azouz is often able to repair cuts of the face, facial fractures, body cuts, cut eyelids, and nasal bone fractures at the same time as repairs of tendons to the hand or fingers.  

What is the cost of tendon repair?

The cost of hand or finger tendon repair depends on the severity of the injury, and the number, type, and location of the damaged tendons. During your consultation, Dr. Azouz will determine the severity of your injury and the cost. If the patient’s injury happens at work, Dr. Azouz coordinates with a multitude of workers’ compensation carriers.  In general, most worker’s compensation insurance carriers will cover the cost of surgery if deemed medically necessary and compensable with an at-work injury.

Are at work injuries more serious than injuries that occur at home?

Work injuries are at times more serious than home injuries because commercial machinery can cause more severe trauma.  However, many people have suffered severe injuries at home.

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