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Finger Prosthetic

What is a finger prosthetic?

A finger prosthetic is an artificial finger that attaches to the residual finger after amputation.  A prosthetic is used to give the appearance of a normal finger. Some prosthetics are functional which can also help restore hand function. 

It is important to consult Dr. Azouz who can assess the timing of being fitted for a prosthetic after a finger amputation. Being fitted too early can be associated with a poorly fitting prosthesis. It is important to wait for the swelling to improve and for improvement in the power, strength, and range of motion.

Prosthetics can be functional or cosmetic. Cosmetic or passive prosthetics are usually made from silicone and are designed to imitate the look and texture of a natural finger. These passive prosthetics do not offer active movement and can be limiting when grasping objects. Functional prosthetics can be body-powered, electrically powered, or activity-specific. These prostheses allow for normal movement of the fingers.

When does a finger prosthetic require surgery to be fitted?

In some cases, surgery is required for a revision amputation.  A revision amputation is performed to provide adequate soft tissue padding and good contour of the stump which helps for the fitting of a prosthesis. It is important for the finger prosthetic to fit well in order to perform daily activities with minimal pain.

How is surgery for a better-fitting finger prosthetic performed?

Depending on how the prosthetic fits, Dr. Azouz can perform multiple techniques to fit the prosthetic better. Dr. Azouz can create more soft tissue padding and a good contour of the amputation stump for the prosthetic to align better.

What is the anesthesia for finger prosthetic surgery?

As with the majority of hand surgeries, Dr. Azouz will use sedation and an axillary block. His patients are sedated in a deep sleep to help them relax. Dr. Azouz will then inject a medication that numbs the arm to help control pain between up to 24 hours.

What is the recovery from a finger prosthetic surgery?

After the surgery, Dr. Azouz will assess the amputation stump in routine follow-up visits in his office. He can then determine when patients can be fitted for a prosthesis with minimal pain and discomfort. 

What is the cost of finger prosthetic surgery?

The cost of any surgery varies broadly and has a lot of factors. Dr. Azouz will obtain a medical history and perform a physical examination to help determine the cost. If the amputation is due to a work-related injury, workers’ compensation carriers should cover all medical costs relating to the injury.

If you have recently amputated your finger and need revision amputation surgery or if you had a previous finger amputation and are ready for a prothesis call Dr. Azouz 972-702- 8888