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Fingertip Amputation

What is a fingertip amputation?

A fingertip amputation is a cut of the palm side of the finger known as the “tip”, that removes a section of skin. It can also involve the nail, the nailbed, and sometimes the bone. It is most commonly seen after injuries with knives, saws, crush injuries, or operating machinery.   Fingertip amputations are very common injuries for workers who use industrial machinery.   Dallas-based hand surgeon Dr. Azouz specializes in saving the fingers and nails in patients with fingertip amputations, utilizing specialized techniques many fingertips can be saved resulting in a normal-appearing finger. 

What is involved in a fingertip amputation?

    • Loss of skin at the tip of the finger

    • Bleeding

    • Pain

    • Nail injury

    • Exposed bone phalangeal bone

When does a fingertip amputation require surgery?

For minor fingertip amputations, a clean dressing, ointments and splints can sometimes be enough for the finger to heal as humans have the ability to heal fingertips. However, for large fingertip amputations, surgery is required to close the skin and cover exposed bone.

before and after fingertip amputation

How is surgery for a fingertip amputation performed?

Dr. Azouz can perform a skin graft or flap reconstruction to close the skin of the amputation site. If there is damage to the bone, a small area of the bone may need to be removed to successfully close the skin.

What if you don’t treat a Fingertip injury?

Left untreated fingertip injuries can result in disability, loss of the nail, loss of fingertip, abnormal sensation, finger deformity, loss of hand function, and bone infection (osteomyelitis)

How can you tell if an amputated finger is infected?

Signs of infection include redness, swelling, pain, and purulent drainage.  Preventing infection while recovering from fingertip amputation is critical.  Hand surgeons like Dr. Azouz use antibiotics, cleansers, and sterile techniques to prevent infection. The finger may be wrapped in a bandage to help keep the area clean and dry. 

What is the anesthesia for fingertip amputation surgery?

With the majority of hand surgeries, Dr. Azouz will use sedation and local or regional anesthesia. Patients can be sedated to help them relax. 

What is the recovery from a fingertip amputation surgery?

Hand specialist Dr. Azouz places a splint after the procedure to protect the finger, which should last for a few weeks. He sees patients soon after surgery in his office to monitor healing. He may recommend hand therapy to help with strengthening. If a patient develops dysesthesia which is common as the nerves regenerate in the fingertip, he may advise a fingertip desensitization protocol which will be discussed in the office. 

What is the cost of fingertip amputation surgery?

The surgical cost has many contributing factors. Dr. Azouz will perform a medical history and physical examination. If a fingertip amputation is from a work-related injury, most worker’s compensation carriers cover medical costs. 

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Timely care for a fingertip injury is important.  Dr. Azouz is located in Dallas, Texas and his office phone number is 972-702-8888.