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Kids Hand Surgery Dallas

Finding the best hand surgeon for your child is important.

Kids commonly injure their hands and the most common injuries in children include scrapes, cuts, bruises, fractures, sprains, and dislocations.   It is important to have a hand injury evaluated by a hand specialist as missed injuries can lead to growth abnormalities, deformities, and infections.   Prevention is key but if a child suffers a hand injury it is important to seek treatment by a hand specialist as soon as possible to ensure the best treatment and a full recovery.

What are the signs that your child’s hand or finger cut needs stitches?

The cut is deep, long, or jagged

The cut is over a joint

The cut is bleeding heavily

Your child has numbness or loss of function

It is important to seek medical attention for any hand cut that is deep, long, bleeding heavily, or may involve critical underlying structures.  Cuts from animal it human bites can lead to serious infection.   A hand specialist can assess the wound and determine if stitches are necessary.  It is important to clean and care for the wound to prevent infection.

kids hand surgery dallas

How is hand surgery for kids performed?

Dr. Azouz uses a variety of numbing agents, medications, and anesthesia tools to comfort kids with hand injuries.  Having the best care and commitment to safety is a priority for hand surgeon Dr. Azouz.  

What is the recovery for a child who has hand surgery?

Kids are amazing at recovering after hand surgery because they are usually healthy and have a high capacity to heal.  Some kids do benefit from hand therapy and Dr. Azouz works with top hand therapists who look after kids throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex.  Dr. Azouz sees his pediatric patients for routine follow-up visits to monitor their healing and often will follow the children for years after their surgery or injury.

Can a child get sick from a dog bite?

Yes, it is possible for a child to get very sick from a dog bite.  Dog bites are very common on the hands and fingers.  If a dog or animal breaks the skin it can introduce bacteria which can lead to infection.  Animals can also carry rabies which can be transmitted via bites.  Rabies can be potentially life-threatening.  Hand surgeons like Dr. Azouz work closely with emergency room physicians to prevent Rabies, Tetanus and infections by determining the necessary treatments and by giving antibiotics and immunizations.  Proper wound care is critical to reduce the risk of complications from a dog or animal bite.

Pediatric hand surgery

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