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Mucous Cyst

What is a mucous cyst?

Mucous cyst is a benign growth that appears at the top of the finger, below the fingernail, and above the top joint. It is a synovial cyst from arthritis, meaning it comes from the underlying joint. It most often occurs in the middle or index finance of the dominant hand but can occur in any of the fingers.

When does a mucous cyst require surgery?

Some small mucous cysts require monitoring by a hand surgeon with routine visits to check for signs of infection. It is important not to puncture the skin at home due to the higher risk of contaminating the fluid and joints. To remove the cyst, surgery is recommended for optimal outcomes and can also help heal the surrounding joint.  Surgery can also allow for the removal of the osteophytes, which are boney growths that can be the cause of the mucous cyst.  Removal of the osteophytes can also help prevent further mucus cysts from forming.  

Dr. Azouz will review x-ray images to check the alignment of the bones and visualize any arthritis in the joints. 

How is surgery for a mucous cyst removal performed?

Dr. Azouz will excise the cyst along with its stalk, which can prevent reoccurrence. If the cyst has deformed the nail bed, he can also perform a nail bed reconstruction.   If Osteophytes are responsible for creating the mucus or ganglion cyst, then Dr. Azouz can also remove the osteophytes at the time of surgery.

What is the anesthesia for mucous cyst removal surgery?

With the majority of hand surgeries, Dr. Azouz uses sedation and local anesthesia. His patients are sedated in a deep sleep to help them relax. He will then inject a numbing block at the axilla for prolonged pain control that can last up to 24 hours after the procedure. 

What is the recovery from a mucous cyst removal surgery?

After the procedure, Dr. Azouz will place a splint to allow the joint to heal well. He will see patients for routine visits in his office soon after the surgery to monitor progress and healing. Hand therapy may be recommended to help regain strength and movement of the joint.

What is the cost of a mucous cyst removal surgery?

The cost of surgery ranges extensively. Dr. Azouz will obtain a medical history and perform a physical exam to help determine the cost.   Some hand tumors like ganglion cysts or mucous cysts can be due to an injury such as an at-work injury.  Work injuries are usually covered by worker’s compensation insurance.   

What are the symptoms of a mucous cyst?

Fluid-filled growth near the top joint of the finger




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