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Phalangeal Fracture

What is a phalangeal fracture?

The phalanges are the bones of the fingers. There are three phalanges in each finger, except the thumb which has 2 phalange bones. A fracture is almost always a result of a traumatic injury. The most common causes of phalangeal fractures are falls, crush injury in machinery, slamming a finger in a door or drawer, car accidents, drills, power saws, hammers, and dog bites.

What are the symptoms of a phalangeal fracture?




Deformity in the appearance of the finger

Decreased range of motion


Numbness or tingling in the fingertip

When does a phalangeal fracture require surgery?

For minor hairline finger fractures conservative treatment with splinting, rest, ice, compression, and elevation can help heal the bone. However, if the bone is displaced or angulated surgery is required to fix the bone along with any nearby damaged structures. Dr. Azouz will review x-ray images to check the alignment of the bones and location of the fracture.

How is surgery for a phalangeal fracture repair performed?

Dr. Azouz will repair the fracture using pins or screws. He will also repair nearby ligaments, tendons, or blood vessels. If the nail is injured, he can repair and reconstruct the nail bed.

What is the anesthesia for phalangeal fracture repair surgery?

As with most hand surgeries, Dr. Azouz will use sedation and local anesthesia. His patients are sedated in a deep sleep to help them relax. He then injects an axillary block which numbs the arm and prolongs pain control for up to 24 hours. 

What is the recovery from a phalangeal fracture repair surgery?

After the procedure, Dr. Azouz will apply a splint to allow the finger to heal well. In routine follow-up visits, he will assess the healing and give instructions for caring of the pins and dressing. Hand therapy may be recommended to help regain full strength and movement of the finger.

What is the cost of a phalangeal fracture repair surgery?

Surgical cost depends on a multitude of factors. Dr. Azouz will start with a medical history and physical examination to help determine the cost. If the injury is work-related, workers’ compensation carriers often cover all medical costs relating to the injury. 

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