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What is tenolysis?

Tenolysis is a surgical procedure in which tendons are released from adhesions. It is usually performed after a hand or wrist injury or after a previous tendon surgery where the scar tissue binds to the tendon. This can obstruct normal tendon movement.

What are the symptoms that require tenolysis?

Decreased range of motion of the fingers

Weakness in the fingers

Stiffness in the hand

What are the indications for tenolysis surgery?

When patients experience prolonged stiffness in the hand, it can inhibit activities of daily living. Hand therapy is often recommended after injuries or surgeries to help break down scar tissue. However, improper therapy can result in adhesions forming and attaching to the tendons. At this point, surgery is recommended to separate the adhesions.

How is surgery for tenolysis performed?

Dr. Azouz will release the tendons from the scar tissue. He can also remove excess scar tissue to prevent reoccurrence. 

What is the anesthesia for tenolysis surgery?

With most hand surgeries, Dr. Azouz uses sedation and local anesthesia. Patients are sedated in a deep sleep to help them feel calm. Dr. Azouz will then inject an axillary block which numbs the arm and helps prolong pain control for up to 24 hours after the procedure.

What is the recovery from tenolysis surgery?

Most patients can return to their activities within 4-6 weeks, depending on the extent of scar tissue. Hand therapy will be recommended to prevent recurrence and maximize hand function. Dr. Azouz sees his patients for routine follow-up visits to monitor healing after surgery.

What is the cost of tenolysis surgery?

The cost of surgery can range broadly and has many factors. Dr. Azouz will obtain a medical history and perform a physical examination to help determine the cost. If the scar tissue is associated with a work-related injury, workers’ compensation carriers cover medical costs that relate to the injury.

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