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Hand Injury statistics in Dallas

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Hand Injury statistics in Dallas

How often do workers injure their hands in Dallas? Around 1,800 workers injure their hands in Dallas per year.  This is derived from the number of workers that injure their hands in the United States per year.  Hand injuries are … Continue reading

Workers’ Compensation Definitions

Dr. Azouz reviews worker's compensation definitions: Nurse Case manager: A nurse who helps to coordinate all necessary services for the patient MMI (Maximum medical improvement): This rating determines when healing or recovery from an injury is no longer expected.  Usually … Continue reading

Finding Top Plastic Surgeons and Hand Surgeons that Accept Worker’s Compensation in Dallas

Finding a hand surgeon or plastic surgeon can be challenging.  Finding a hand surgeon and/or plastic surgeon who accepts worker’s compensation in Texas can be even more difficult. Fortunately, Dr. David and Dr. Solomon Azouz are two Dallas-based plastic surgeons … Continue reading


What is tenolysis? Tenolysis is a surgical procedure in which tendons are released from adhesions. It is usually performed after a hand or wrist injury or after a previous tendon surgery where the scar tissue binds to the tendon. This … Continue reading

Climbing Injuries

A common climbing injury is a flexor tendon pulley system injury: What is a flexor tendon pulley system injury? Tendons are bands that connect muscles to bones. The flexor tendons in the hand help control the bending of the fingers. … Continue reading

Kids Hand Surgery Dallas

Finding the best hand surgeon for your child is important. Kids commonly injure their hands and the most common injuries in children include scrapes, cuts, bruises, fractures, sprains, and dislocations.   It is important to have a hand injury evaluated by … Continue reading

Hand Surgeon treating burns of the hand and fingers in Dallas, Texas

Hand Surgeon treating burns of the hand and fingers in Dallas, Texas Hand burns are common with over 80% of burns involving the hands.  Hand burns often require specialized treatment by plastic surgeons, hand surgeons, and burn units.  Dallas plastic … Continue reading

OSHA Reportable Injuries

What work injuries should to be reported to OSHA? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created by Congress to establish safe working conditions for employees by creating and maintaining standards. Employers with more than 10 employees are required … Continue reading

What is “dysesthesia”?

Dysesthesia: Dallas hand surgeon explains what you need to know What is dysesthesia? Dysesthesia is an abnormal feeling due to nerve damage. People can experience these unusual sensations throughout the body.  The most common areas where people experience dysesthsia are … Continue reading

Table Saw Injury

Table saw injury in Dallas, TX. Table and power saw injuries can cause some of the most devastating and life-changing hand injuries.   Dallas hand specialist Dr. Azouz explains that these types of injuries often result in the loss of … Continue reading